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Elaina Raye has a great time visiting Haleakala volcano
  • Photographer: ATKINGDOM
  • Movie: Virtual vacation
  • Description: Elaina is super excited to drive up to Haleakala volcano with you - it's kind of cute how she messes up the name a few times. She accidentally drinks out of your coffee cup, but since you kiss all the time, it's totally cool.
  • Tags: 4k, beach, blonde, blue eyes, caucasian, fit, flipflops, painted fingernails, painted toenails, pee, piercing, pov, public, shaved pussy, skinny, slender, small tits, tattoos, virtual vacation, water
Elaina Raye in action
  • Model: Elaina Raye
  • Photographer: BMB/Wanton Photography
  • Movie: action
  • Tags: masturbation, petite, stripping, toys
Alaina Dawson and Elaina Raye
  • Model: Alaina Dawson, Elaina Raye
  • Photographer: JS Photography
  • Movie: lesbian
  • Description: Alaina Dawson and Elaina Raye are two totally hot and sexy babes that need to pass the time. I think they might be a little distracted from each other. They might get a little too carried away. Enjoy!
  • Tags:
Petite Blonde Kyleigh Ann Gives a Nice Footjob
  • Model: Elaina Raye
  • Photographer: Alicia S
  • Movie: foot job
  • Tags:
Elaina Raye loves your hot cum on her feet
  • Photographer: ATKINGDOM
  • Movie: bjhjfj
  • Description: After the trip from Hawaii you're both still very horny. Elaina is still wearing the mood ring you bought her there, and you know exactly the mood she's in right now - since she's sucking your cock. You're finger practically gets tangled up in the huge tampon string that's hanging out of her pussy while she gives you a footjob. Elaina is great at giving head, but she loves making you cum with her hand instead.
  • Tags: 4k, blonde, blowjob, blue eyes, caucasian, cum on feet, fingering, fit, footjob, handjob, masturbation, painted fingernails, painted toenails, piercing, pov, shaved pussy, skinny, slender, small tits, tattoos

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