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  • Movie: Virtual vacation
  • Description: Karlee is wearing a super cute outfit that really compliments her muscular legs. She packs up her stuff and is ready to hike up to the top of Haleakala volcano. On the long drive up she flashes her fluffy bush at you. About half way up you get a little worried because it's cloudy, so Karlee takes a little nap. Once you arrive to the national park it's as clear as clear can be. Karlee wants to jump on the clouds. You get some amazing upskirt action when you hike up to the top of the volcano. Before you get back to the room, a healthy girl needs a healthy lunch. She's lying half naked on your bed trying to burn off the food coma. You get down close to her big round ass and begin to play with her pussy. Karlee teases you by masturbating and throwing her legs up in the air. You make sweet love to her, and feel the vibrations from the Hitachi as you fuck her. Karlee's feet look a little dry so you help them out by squirting a load of cum on them.
  • Photographer: ATKINGDOM
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