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  • Movie: Virtual vacation
  • Description: Ashlynn throws on a little dress, and you're off to dinner. She has a thick and tasty steak with lobster and a potato - dessert was yummy too. In the morning Ashlynn comes out to the balcony and looks like an angel in her white robe. She sits Indian-style across from you and her bush is looking right at you. Ashlynn opens the robe to give you access to her goods. Your finger gets her pussy all excited and she's starting to get too loud so you take the fun inside. She kneels to suck your cock and then you eat her sweet pussy. You don't mess around and stick your cock inside of her doggy style. Her pussy feels like silk wrapped in pubes. After you move to the bedroom, but before you continue fucking, Ashlynn opens her legs and masturbates for you. Once you start fucking again you get glimpses of her high arched feet flexing and curling. It's time to cum, and she wants it deep inside her pussy. You of course let go a healthy creampie right where she wanted it. With each push she does, MORE cum oozes out. Ashlynn lets you watch her pee now.
  • Photographer: ATKINGDOM
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  • Movie: Virtual vacation
  • Description: Ashlynn looks so yummy with her high arched feet just dangling there on the couch. She doesn't want to leave so she'll make the best of it before leaving you. Ashlynn puts her mouth on your hard cock - that feels amazing! It gets even better when she kicks her feet back so you can stare at her high arched wrinkled soles. She changes positions so you can enjoy them on your cock. You warm up her pussy with your tongue then stick your cock inside of her hairy pussy. You fuck her and fuck her until you can't hold in the cum any longer. When you release yourself it's a nice creampie. You stand back to see it coming out of her spread wide legs. If you took a picture, that would make an excellent postcard! Aloha.
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